1 Week App

Step 1. How It Works

Welcome to 1 Week App. This step-by-step tutorial will help you to understand the process to develop a beautiful app for your business in just 1 week. You can easily follow this step-by-step guide to help make decisions about how your app will look and perform.  We suggest you review each step so you can feel completely comfortable before you commit.

Apps Designed For Entrepreneurs

Our apps have been developed specifically for entrepreneurs. We have targeted some of the most popular categories that owner/operator businesses are investing in today. 1 Week App's unique design structures are packed with advanced features that will help reinforce branding & customer loyalty.

Priced Low For Start-Ups

As a small, entrepreneural business ourselves, we completely understand that every penny counts.  Each cost must be justified as an investment. WIth this in mind, we have developed a highly efficient build system, which reduces both the time & expense to create an app for your business. As a result, we offer a low, all-inclusive price of $1,000* to develop, upload & maintain your app for 1 year. Thereafter, the annual maintenance fee is only $500.

*Except for 1WA Headshot app, which is $500 to develop, upload & maintain for 1 year.

Full Control Of Your App

While we will completely build the app, you will have full control with your own secure backend dashboard. You can easily update copy & photos, add sections & change styles. Your app can send targeted push notices and offer in-app promotions & advertising. The dashboard also features detailed app analytics and options on organizing your users. With all these options, you will  find your app to be an invaluable marketing tool when combined with existing social media.

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