1 Week App

Step 2. Choose Your App

Choose from 11 app categories: Artisan, B&B, Designer, Headshot, Hotel, Limo, Market, Music, Network, Touring & Vendor. 

All have specific features that are appropriate to the needs of each business type. In this section you can download the fully functional app samples directly to your phone or tablet. This is a great start to understanding the advantages of having a branded app for your business. To truly make the app your own, you can change the style, edit features and add your own headlines, body copy, photos & graphics. You make the choices and we do the rest.

Artisan App

Perfect for: Jewelry, Artisanal Food, Accessories, Personal Care, Homeware, Clothing & Anything Handmade!

B&B App

Perfect for: Bed & Breakfasts, Country Inns, Guest Houses, Serviced Apartments

Designer App

Perfect for: Interior Designers, Graphic Design Studios, House Renovators, Landscape Architects

Headshot App

Perfect for: All Performing Artists - Actors, Dancers, Singers, Voice Artists, Models

Hotel App

Perfect for: Boutique Hotels, Holiday Resorts, Business Hotels

Limo App

Perfect for: Limo & Transport Companies

Market App

Perfect for: Farmers Markets, Flea Markets, Fairs, Traveling Events

Music App

Perfect for: Bands, DJs, Studio Musicians, Composers, Music Producers, Small Record Labels

Network App

Perfect for: Manufacturing, Landscaping, Food Processing, Farmers Market, Grocery

Touring App

Perfect for: Tour Operators, Business Associations, Shopping Centers, Town Municipalities, Marketing Entrepreneurs

Vendor App

Perfect for: Food Trucks, Mobile Catering, Food Carts, Fair Vendors

After downloading go to Step 3. Pick An App Style