1 Week App

Step 4: Prepare Materials

This is the key to having a beautiful app in only 1 week. For each app category we have created an App Content Form, which works in conjunction with the sample app you downloaded in Step 2.  At this stage you commit to having an app built for your business.

App Content Form

This is the most important step. You can only download the zip file with the App Content Form from http://build.1weekapp.com on your computer. The files will not download to a mobile device. Just go the website and click on the photo that represents your category. Read through the information, process the payment & download. You will immediately receive a file containing Word documents, including the App Content Form and various tutorials to help you get necessary information.

Match Your Website

If you have invested the time, energy & money to produce a website for your business, then we can use all the information and visuals to create a matching app. This will make the process almost effortless for you. No need to to choose a style or complete the build section the App Content Form. Just send us an icon and the codes for integrating social media, we'll do all the rest.


All necessary graphics are related to your branding. Most important is your app icon, which should be a version of your logo. This will display in the App Store and Google Play, as well as inside the app. You can also add your logo as the app header and custom splash pages, but this is not absolutely necessary, because we have default graphics for this.


An important part of the app is the quality & placement of photos. Bad photos make for a bad app! Using the sample app as a guide it is very easy to visualize how your photos will fit into the app structure. 


As soon as you download the App Content Form, we will send you the link for a Dropbox file that will be organized for you to upload all your copy, photos & graphics to. There will also be tutorials on how to manage your backend dashboard and update your app.

Now that you've set up the basics, check out our Add-Ons to see if they work for your business. Go to Step 5. Extra Add-On Features.