1 Week App

Step 5. Extra Add-On Features

1 Week App's standard features are extensive, including:

  • Secure Internal Chat
  • Live Radio Streaming
  • Navigation
  • Media & Social Media Integration
  • Scheduled Push Notices and much, much more.

However there are a few advanced features that certain entrepreners can really take advantage of to build customer loyalty & user engagement. 


Attract new customers and provide incentives for existing customers to visit more often. Use your couponing campaigns for a stand alone business or for a network of businesses. With the option to categorize coupons you can deliver deals for several businesses, along with information about the specific shops where each coupon applies.

Loyalty Rewards

Offer a gift. Each completed card equals a gift. Decide what gift your customers will receive once they earn all the points on their loyalty card. Describe it, design it, choose an icon to illustrate it and pick an expiration date.

Club Card

Give special recognition to your best customers. The most loyal customers enter the club and get exclusive privileges. Based on the number of loyalty points earned, customers can fall into one of the 3 levels of club membership.


Your app functions on 3 platforms: Apple iOS, Android & HTML. We can develop a fully interactive PWA (Progressive Web App), which has SEO capability allowing your app to be searched by Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Now that you've got all your elements together we will build your app. Go to Step 6. Building Your App.